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Veo 2

Veo 2

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Revolutionize the way you capture sports events with the Veo Cam 2, the world's first portable AI camera designed for live streaming your matches effortlessly. Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to the simplicity of Veo Cam 2.

Key Features:

Instant Live Streaming: Veo Cam 2 streams your game in real-time via 4G, Wi-Fi, or a wired internet connection, ensuring you can share your greatest moments as they happen.

Global Reach: With just a SIM card and a 4G data plan, you can engage fans from anywhere in the world and put your team in the spotlight.

NVIDIA-Powered AI: Veo Cam 2 incorporates the world's smallest AI supercomputer, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, delivering exceptional efficiency and performance while analyzing your game instantly.

Post-Game Analysis: After the final whistle, rewatch your game immediately using the Veo Live app. Dive into detailed performance analysis and relive the game-changing moments.

Versatile Recording:

Veo Cam 2 is designed to cover you in all conditions, adjusting to various situations effortlessly:

Day and Night: The image sensor adapts to light conditions.
Weather-Ready: A waterproof case and hydrophobic lens covers protect the camera in any weather.
Temperature Resilience: A built-in cooling system ensures the Veo Cam 2 stays cool, whether it's hot or cold.
Surface Detection: AI automatically adjusts recording based on the playing surface, be it grass or artificial turf.
Indoor/Outdoor: Veo Cam 2 is versatile, working seamlessly indoors or outdoors.

Additional Features:

4G Connectivity: Live-stream from anywhere with a 4G connection.
Water-Resistant: Rated IP54 for water resistance.
Ample Storage: 128 GB storage, enough for over six football matches.
Long Battery Life: Record for more than four hours on a single charge.
Instant Playback: Watch the action immediately in Veo's app.
Charge While Recording: Keep recording and live-streaming while charging the Veo Cam 2.
Easy Setup:

Setting up your Veo Cam 2 is a breeze:

Mount it: Fix the camera on a tripod or stadium mount.
Raise it: Elevate your camera for a great view.
Enjoy it: Press record or start live-streaming and enjoy the game!
Veo Camera App:

Control your Veo Cam with the Veo Camera app:

Connect: Easily connect your Veo Cam to your phone with the app, available for iOS and Android.
Record: Start recording or live-streaming with a single tap.
Upload: Automatically upload your game to Veo Editor once it's over.

Order now and experience the future of sports recording with Veo Cam 2!

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